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Ensure all aspects of your sales & use tax practices are accurate and up to date.

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The SCOTUS decision in Wayfair impacts more than just retailers – any business with an online presence may have new or different sales tax obligations.

The best first step is to speak with a Sales & Use Tax expert. We can then outline a plan, based on the particulars of your business, to mitigating exposure.

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Business Registrations

Ensures you have all business license and sales tax registrations forms, including documents requested by the states, cities or counties.

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Nexus Study

Assess where your organization has nexus, physical and/or economic. States are moving aggressively in the post-Wayfair world. This critical step helps you assess where you currently have sales tax obligations and where, depending on your plans, may in the future.

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Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA)

Does your business have past tax liabilities? If so, mitigate your exposure while becoming compliant. Work with experts to take appropriate actions.

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