Address Validation

Precision is important for applying and collecting the correct sales tax – don’t let auditors discover where you’re off.

Address Validation

Address Validation service is a review of and correction to customer address information for tax purposes. This matters if your business wishes to be accurate, consistent and compliant collecting and remitting sales & use tax.

Don’t rely on off-the-shelf address clean up tools – they are not designed for the precision needed to accurately and consistently comply with sales tax obligations. Wolters Kluwer will review and correct your address information including flags so you can see what changes were made.

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Headline: We find, on average, that 80% of customer data needs updates or corrections. How’s your data?


  • Verification Flag - The flags will include: address verified, corrected, bad (unable to verify due to incorrect information), and multiple addresses.
  • Verification Message - For addresses that cannot be verified, a verification message indicating possible reason will be returned.
  • Correction Flag - This flag will indicate which components of the address were corrected.
  • Return correct Street1, City, County and State assignment formatted to US Post Office standard for street number and name for addresses that can be verified.
  • Return ZIP+4 for addresses that can be verified.

Example of Sales Tax Discrepancies Within the Same ZIP Code

Diagram of ZIP code code 60010 showing vast discrepancies in sales tax even in the same 5 digit ZIP code

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