Construction and Manufacturing Sales & Use Tax

Stay compliant with your sales and use tax obligations in the complex construction, manufacturing and distribution industries.

We understand the nuances and difficulties keeping this straight and meeting your tax obligations. Addressing those complexities across your product, service and nexus footprint is critical to minimize the cost and disruption of audits.

Wolters Kluwer is committed to ensuring you have the right sales tax rates and taxability information you need to meet your sales tax obligations. Coverage of detailed sales tax information including items exempt from tax, and where applicable, special sales tax rates specific to the construction industry, for locations throughout the United States and Canada. State, county, city, province and special district taxing jurisdictions are covered in separate detail, facilitating collection of the correct taxes as well as the proper filing of the various tax returns.

  • Sourced from over 10,000 U.S. jurisdictions and covering more than 1,200 general items including 300 items specific to construction, distribution, freight, manufacturing and more
  • Monitoring of daily and weekly publications for rate changes and state taxability changes
  • Proactive data pulling from all DORs, and countless city/county/district websites

Our solutions offer you the flexibility to leverage this industry-leading sales & use tax content in your workflow and business model:

  • Sales tax calculation software tools and solutions including on-premise and SaaS cloud-based options
  • Professional implementation and/or assessment services
  • Compliance solutions for the filing of your sales tax returns
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Do You Fully Understand Your Use Tax Obligations?

Read this white paper: Use tax considerations are relevant across four areas for manufacturers: machinery and equipment, R&D, inter-plant transfers and inventory withdrawals.

Wolters Kluwer offers a range of sales and use tax solutions tailored to fit the needs of your business.

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