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Download CCH AnswerConnect's 360° View of §199A: Qualified Business Income interactive eBook to get the professional guidance and tools you need to remain current and compliant with one of the industry’s hottest topics.

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A research platform backed by over 100 years of expertise and uniquely designed to deliver comprehensive, technical information in an easy-to-use format.

CCH AnswerConnect was designed for efficiency. It eliminates the need to run multiple searches and accelerates the "speed to answer". Its full 360° view provides faster access to comprehensive and accurate answers. Everything you need to support your answers, including related materials such as regulations, explanations, cases, IRS publications, forms & instructions and time-saving practice tools can be found in one place.

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CCH AnswerConnect's expertly-written content covers all aspects of federal, state and international tax. You will find answers for every question your clients present. From clear-cut compliance issues to complex topics, content is written in straightforward, plain English so it's easy to understand.
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Get reliable, time-saving research across hundreds of critical state tax topics for all major tax types. CCH SmartCharts provide quick answers with links to primary sources and other key information.

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Drive new business and improve the quality of service with CCH AnswerConnect's Client Impact feature. This impressive new feature alerts tax practitioners of significant tax developments and provides the necessary insights needed to develop customized action plans for their clientele.

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Technology has reinvented how you live and work, consume information and perform daily tasks. You use the internet and mobile devices every day — it's all about speed, convenience and productivity. CCH AnswerConnect was designed to anticipate and adapt to your needs, with little to no learning curve and content you can trust.

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