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Automate processes and increase productivity with our on-premise tax preparation and compliance solution.

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Automate Your Tax Return Process

Are you keeping pace with the ever-changing tax climate or are you getting bogged down in the clutter? If you’re not automating your tax return process, then it’s time you took at look at CCH ProSystem fx Tax, the award-winning tax compliance and preparation solution.

CCH ProSystem fx Tax, also available in an online platform or a software as a service delivery method (CCH Axcess™ Tax), has thousands of automatically calculating forms and schedules for federal, state, county and city, which speeds up your return process as data is shared across documents. This saves days, if not weeks, off your tax preparation process, opening up your day for client consulting and growing your business. Don't take our word for it ... Check out the video.

A Closer Look at CCH ProSystem fx Tax

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Superior Features

Used by the majority of the nation’s top accounting firms, CCH ProSystem fx Tax is the industry’s premier tax compliance system. Leverage integrated technologies to work smarter with a complete, automated, and paperless 1040/1041 tax preparation solution that includes CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan with AutoFlow Technology and CCH® ProSystem fx® PDFlyer.

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Dependable Tax Preparation

Maintain compliance with ever-changing government tax guidelines and a shifting regulatory environment. Relied on by the nation’s top accounting firms, CCH ProSystem fx Tax helps your firm increase efficiency and lower costs.

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Digital Tax Workflow

Both CCH Axcess™ — the profession’s first modular cloud‑based tax prep and compliance solution — and the CCH® ProSystem fx® Suite, our on‑premise solution, support your entire digital tax workflow process. Learn more about our Digital Tax Workflow today.

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Intelligent Technology

Purchase modules with CCH ProSystem fx Tax individually or bundled, including Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Employee Benefit Plan, Fiduciary, Estate and Gift, and Exempt Organization. Move quickly through the return process with intelligent workflow tools that flow information between forms and schedules and manage reviews and approvals.

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A Complete Tax & Audit Solution

Brown Edwards & Co. use CCH ProSystem fx for both their tax and audit work, and by leveraging the connection between the programs, they’ve reached a higher level of productivity and opened new doors for growth.
“Being able to have one common database… I think is going to be very beneficial to help growing us in the coming years.”

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