CCH® Prosystem fx® Planning

Streamline tax planning engagements and quickly review multiple tax scenarios.


Yes! I want to see how CCH® ProSystem fx® Planning streamlines my tax planning engagements.

Simplify Tax Planning

Careful tax planning is an essential part to engaging with clients, but it may also be complex and time-consuming. Speed up the tax planning process and steer clients in the right direction with CCH ProSystem fx Planning.

Once in place CCH ProSystem fx Planning will provide up to 30 tax scenarios per plan, as well as expanding the firm’s reach with new services and customized reports.

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Expanded State Content

Default state tax rates, deductions and exemptions are programmed for all state income taxing authorities, plus the District of Columbia and New York City.

Expanded Years

Customize up to 10 years of data for each tax scenario, including the prior year, current year and 8 projection years.

Simplify Tax Planning Process

Planning offers tutorials, tool tips, a convenient help system and an easy interface to get you up and running in no time at all.

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