CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach

Gain control of your audit process with one integrated solution that improves quality and compliance through interactive diagnostics and automated workflow.

Yes! Show me how to deliver future-ready audits, preparations, compilations, and reviews.

Meet Today’s Demanding Audit Requirements with Knowledge Coach

Improve audit preparation and execution with an automated process that drives efficiency, quality, and client understanding. Knowledge Coach automatically links risks to program steps, provides diagnostics for unaddressed risks, and flows information through all of your workpapers on the fly.

An award-winning solution, Knowledge Coach delivers future-ready audits that result in improved peer reviews. Focus on the investigative work of auditing and spend less time managing administrative tasks with our Knowledge-Based Audit software and Integrated Audit Approach.

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Put audits back in the hands of auditors

Find out how CCH ProSystem fx Knowledge Coach minimizes time spent managing workpapers, checklists, and administrative work. If you want high-quality audits that comply with AICPA Risk Assessment Standards, then it’s time to equip yourself with this solution's Knowledge-Based Audit (KBA) Titles.
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Knowledge-Based Guidance

Leverage dynamic, real-time, iterative processes and tools to encourage auditor judgment for a truly complete, thorough, and compliant audit.

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Audit Management Flexibility

Create recommended audit procedures for all types of audits using tailoring questions to identify complexity.

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Seamless Integration

Meet audit quality standards and drive efficiency by integrating with CCH ProSystem fx Engagement. Take better control of the entire audit process using powerful roll forward capabilities to gain up to 20-30% more efficiency after the first year.

Discover How to Increase Audit Quality and Realization — The Knowledge Coach Journey at Withum.