CCH Axcess™ Portal

Facilitate collaboration with secure, bi-directional electronic document exchange and storage for client files of all sizes.

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Reinvent Client Communication With One Space to Securely Send, Receive, and Store Files

Give your clients on-demand access to the files and information they need—when they need them. Axcess Portal allows clients to view documents through a secure web-based portal, eliminating the need for your business to mail paper communications, like source documents and financial statements.

Deliver exceptional client service with the ability to:

  • Provide secure and convenient access to client tax returns and information.
  • Effortlessly exchange, store, and organize files of varying sizes. For example, upload a QuickBooks® file using Axcess Portal, eliminating the need to exchange DVDs.
  • Search, filter and display stored documents by file type, title, creator and keyword.
  • Send clients electronic returns/files for review and add files to CCH Axcess™ Document.
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Pave The Way For Effective Collaboration

Find out why CCH Axcess Portal is the go-to solution for seamless client communication.
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Share Files

With CCH Axcess Portal, you can share all types of standard files including PDF, web pages, hyperlinks, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets, Microsoft® Visio® diagrams, Microsoft® Word documents, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations, financial software data files, and more.

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Search Files

Quickly and easily locate documents by file type, title, creator, keyword, and more period.

Information Security

Multifactor authentication protects clients and staff from password theft. Files are encrypted immediately upon upload to CCH Axcess Portal and remain encrypted even when not being accessed.

Provide Better Service and Reduce Expenses

"Sachetta & Callahan, LLC uses CCH Axcess Portal to provide the modern convenience their clients expect. Saving money on postage and printing supplies is an added bonus."

Learn from the eBook The Power of Portals, how automation through the use of portals will reduce or eliminate the administrative work that doesn’t create value for clients.