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Predictive intelligence helps gather client insights to grow tax advisory services and fight commoditization.

Predictive intelligence helps gather client insights to grow tax advisory services and fight commoditization.

Create Additional Engagements and Revenue Opportunities Within Your Existing Client Base

As firms seek to shift focus away from entering data, they need tools to help leverage that data better. The shift from commoditized compliance services to more valuable advisory services reflects the disruptive changes taking place right now in the accounting profession. CCH Axcess iQ addresses many of these critical business issues.

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Overcome Commoditization with Tax Advisory Services

With DIY tax software and low-cost, gig-economy tax services gaining popularity, many firms find themselves in a race to cut fees for tax preparation as low as possible. In order to survive and grow, firms need to offer services that clients are willing to pay for and even enthusiastic about wanting. CCH Axcess iQ helps firms overcome commoditization by more proactively suggesting new services to their clients.

Efficiently Deliver Actionable Tax News & Information

Manually searching through client files when a legislative change occurs is too time consuming. That means critical revenue opportunities are not identified, and growth stagnates. With CCH Axcess iQ, firms can more easily find these opportunities and leverage them for additional revenue.

Identify Impacted Clients to Ensure Compliance with Tax Legislation Changes

Predictive intelligence technology can help you be more proactive about ensuring compliance yearround—but it also saves critical time during busy season. CCH Axcess iQ streamlines the tax prep and review process by identifying which clients are affected by legislative changes and helping them understand what those changes could mean for their return. It also alerts your staff to areas of the return that may need special attention because of any new tax laws.

3 Ways Predictive Intelligence Can Help Modernize Your Firm

Firms today face many problems, including the fast pace of technological change, high client expectations, and revenue and profitability pressures. The good news is that as the accounting profession changes, advanced technologies can help firms address their new challenges.
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Automatically Gather Relevant Client Insights

CCH Axcess iQ is an entirely new type of product that combines the expertise of Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting research expertise and software innovation. When new tax legislation triggers a “tax event,” the system searches a customer’s CCH Axcess™ Tax data for clients who might be impacted by that event.

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Client Database Provides Insights to Fuel Proactive Advice

Trigger events appear on the CCH Axcess Dashboard. You can click on the event to see a list of clients that might be affected. The system also includes a client letter that explains the change. Links to CCH® AnswerConnect give you access to even more information and tools.

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Create Opportunities for Additional Engagement

With this information at hand, firms can reach out to clients to explain the changes. You can send the letter that CCH Axcess iQ generates, or you could invite the client to engage in a more in-depth discussion about the change and how it affects their needs.

Dive Deeper With CCH AnswerConnect

With CCH AnswerConnect, you can access primary source,
analysis and SmartCharts directly from CCH Axcess iQ.

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