CCH Axcess™ Document

CCH Axcess Document electronically organizes and stores all types of client documents and business communications in one place to support a true paperless work environment.

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Digitally Organize and Manage Your Documents So You’re Prepared for Anything

CCH Axcess Document helps you streamline the management of documents including tax returns, client correspondence, employee records and email.

With electronic filing and automated retention policy capabilities, your business will:

  • Reduce costs by minimizing the need for copy machines, supplies and storage space for filing cabinets.
  • Improve collaboration with version control and other features that ensure everyone has access to the most recent version of a document.
  • Mitigate risk and maintain compliance with retention and audit trail functionality.
  • Be prepared for emergencies and disasters with off-site file back-up and recovery tools.
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Document Management Is a Key Component of an End-to-End Digital Tax Workflow.

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Always Secure

Prevent unauthorized access to files with role-based security, special access groups, and folder- and file-level settings. When uploaded to CCH Axcess Document, files are encrypted immediately and remain so while in storage and when passed over the Internet.

Document management
Automated Retention Policy

Ensure accuracy and compliance with firm wide file retention and destruction policies including email.

Virus scan
Version Control

Access and restore older versions of a file, and view the audit trail to see who has made each change. Check-out/Check-in ensures that you are working on the most recent version of a file.

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More than just simple document storage, CCH Axcess Document offers comprehensive document management features that enhance collaboration and workflow.

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