CCH Axcess™ Data
Axcess APIs and Utility

Discover new reporting options with Data Axcess.


CCH Axcess™ customers have a new way of accessing the data in their systems.

Dig Deeper into your Firm’s Data with Award-Winning Data Tools

Static reports can be helpful for getting a picture of your firm’s operations at a specific moment of time. However, the information is hard to compile, quickly out of date, and represents a single view of the data. That’s why many firms turn to business intelligence solutions to access and analyze near real-time data from within their systems.

CCH Axcess™ Data Axcess APIs and Data Axcess Utility provide firms with the ability to connect CCH Axcess data with external business intelligence and reporting tools.

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Intelligent Tools That Deliver Real Time Business Insights

Accounting Today Top New Product for 2018

Data Axcess “Recognizes the value of free-flowing data,” according to Accounting Today, which named the CCH Axcess™ Data Axcess APIs and Data Axcess Utility the top new Data Tool for 2018.

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Flexible reporting with nearly real-time data

“This utility will help us be more flexible and agile with our reporting. We will be able to develop our own queries and reports that are simply not possible inside the CCH Axcess™ front end.”

– “Data Axcess APIs and Utility Beta Tester”

CCH Axcess™ Data Insights provides ready-made dashboards powered by the CCH Axcess™ Data Axcess Utility.