TaxWise 2017 Setup

We're excited that you have chosen TaxWise tax preparation software for the 2017 tax season. We've developed this online tool to help simplify the software installation process and to answer questions that you may have. Don't forget to visit the TaxWise Solution Center on a regular basis, this is where you'll find regular software updates, important information from Customer Care and the IRS, Community Discussion Centers, an extensive searchable knowledge library, and the status of your e-filed returns. — Happy filing!

NOTE: For customers who have purchased the Tax Season Essentials program, you can conveniently download it from the Customer Care site.

What's New in TaxWise 2017

TaxWise Online 2017

Productivity Enhancements for Greater Profitability

TaxWise Online has been updated with user experience improvements to help you work more efficiently. This includes the following:

  • A new dashboard "Getting Started" widget, that grants easier access to common functions
  • An enhances Interview interface that provides the option to select different levels of access for staff members, depending on experience and expertise Support for former IPO module and enhanced content
  • Dedicated support role login, for mutli-office TaxWise customers
  • Improved access to Help and References; now available anywhere within the TaxWise Online program
  • Workflow Improvements for Greater EfficiencyTaxWise Online now offers the following integrations (please note that these integrations require a subscription to the referenced programs):CCH iFirm Client Portal for streamlined printing and document sharing
  • CCH AnswerConnect with Line Help
    • 1040 line-help directly integrated
    • Commonly-used tax help menu items

Unlimited Document Capture with Vault

TaxWise Online now provides a secure, fast way to capture and store the documents and files associated to a client's return. Customers can use one of our certified USB cameras to snap pictures of any document presented to you by a taxpayer. You can also import files provided to you electronically (PDFs, pictures, document). These files are stored securely alongside the return (Loaded Forms), and are managed from within the tax return. Learn more

Certified Cameras

  • Sobetter USB Camera (B01FXAXMHE)
  • Hue HD USB Camera (PC0004)

Please note: other USB and built-in cameras may function perfectly with TaxWise Online's Vault. Customer support can only provide assistance with the certified cameras above.

TaxWise Desktop 2017

Setup Assistant

The initial release of TaxWise will require all users (except the Training user and other users assigned to the Training security group) to establish a password associated with their user name. Please note that your 2016 software password will not work, and will need to be updated for TaxWise 2017. Passwords must follow the following guidelines:

  • 8-20 Characters
  • 1 UPPER case letter
  • 1 lower case letter
  • 1 number
  • 1 special character (ex. ? ! $ _ *)

Additional Security Changes

  • User passwords will expire after 90 days. After this time period, you will be required to enter a new password for all users that follow the guidelines above.
  • Users are required to reenter their password after being logged into TaxWise for 24 hours regardless of activity.
  • Users are required to reenter their password after 15 minutes of inactivity in TaxWise.

Optimized Password Resets

TaxWise has streamlined the password reset process, integrating it into the software, enabling users to get back into their software programs with ease.

Trusted Customer / IRS Mandate Optimizations

TaxWise now offers user experience improvements on IRS-mandated security features.

CCH iFirm Client Portal Integration

TaxWise now integrates with CCH iFirm Client Portal for streamlined printing and document sharing. Please note that this integration requires a subscription to CCH iFirm Client Portal.

TaxWise Setup Checklist

Confirm that you meet or exceed System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for TaxWise have changed so we encourage you to review them to ensure your computer meets the new requirements.

Save your Fulfillment Confirmation Slip or Shipping Confirmation Email

Store the code to install your software for future use (found on the fulfillment slip, shipping email, or on the Solution Center download page) you will need this code to: activate your software, log in to the Solution Center for the first time, or reset your ADMIN password on the Solution Center. The Solution Center password for ADMIN does not reset to the product installation code each year.

To ensure you receive your Shipping Confirmation Email, be sure to add as a safe sender.

Comply with IRS Regulatory Requirements

Verify that you are in compliance with IRS regulatory requirements. We recommend you:

  • Renew Your PTIN and ensure your staff members have renewed their PTINs.
  • Update your e-file application or apply for a new EFIN if needed. Consult IRS Pub 3112 for more information.
  • Review EITC due diligence and IRS Circular 230 requirements and confirm your office procedures comply.
IRS Security Requirements

As members of the IRS Security Summit, we are committed to protecting confidential taxpayer information. We're upgrading our products to meet the recommendations and best practices set forth in IRS Publication 4557, Safeguarding Taxpayer Data.

TaxWise Security
The initial release of TaxWise 2017 will require all users to establish a user account and password. Please note that your TaxWise 2016 software password will not work, and will need to be updated for TaxWise 2017. Passwords must follow these guidelines:

  • 8-20 characters
  • At least 1 UPPER case letter
  • At least 1 lower case letter
  • At least 1 number
  • At least 1 punctuation or special character (e.g. ? ! $ & * )
  • Spaces are allowed

Important reminders about passwords:

  • Password expiration every 90 days: Users will be able to reset their own passwords.
  • Failed Login restrictions: After 5 failed login attempts, users will be locked out of the system. Administrators will be able to unlock these users. Admin users who are locked out will be required to enter the product activation code to unlock the Admin account.
  • Login will be required after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Login will be required every 24 hours.

Please check your TaxWise Release Notes and follow the TaxWise Blog for more information on the upcoming release of these features.

Update Your TaxWise Knowledge

View Education Library videos for TaxWise and TaxWise Online and register to participate in webinars and seminar webcasts.

Log in to the Solution Center to Update Your Information

The TaxWise Solution Center offers news, information, and advice for using TaxWise.

  • Log in to the TaxWise Solution Center. Click Login at top of page. Enter your Client ID. In the User Name field, enter admin. In the Password field, enter code to install your software found on your Fulfillment Confirmation Slip. You will be prompted to create a new password. Follow the prompts.
  • Verify and if needed, update your office address, email, contact names, credit card and other company information on file with SFS. (Log in as ADMIN, click My Information, then My Office link.)
  • Verify your e-filing, bank program and other transactional fees BEFORE you start preparing and e-filing tax returns! (Log in as ADMIN, click My Information, then Per Return Fees link.)
  • Make sure we have your EFIN on file or you will not be able to e-file returns. (Log in as ADMIN, click My Information, then EFIN Request.)
  • Enter Customer Environment information. (Log in as ADMIN, click My Information, then Environment.)
  • Add, edit or deactivate users. (Log in as ADMIN, click Manage Users in the top left corner.)
  • If you purchased Return Retrieval, download copies of your prior year e-filed returns. To purchase Return Retrieval, call your Account Manager at 800-495-4626.

Additional Resources

  • On the Solution Center login page, click Need Help?
  • Knowledge Library — Answer ID 947, Unable to log into the Customer Support Site
  • Knowledge Library — Answer ID 378, User Roles and Functions Chart
Enroll in Refund Settlement Solutions
  • Enroll in a bank program or FeeCollect by completing the application on the TaxWise Solution Center.
  • Verify your e-filing, bank program or other transactional fees on the TaxWise Solution Center BEFORE you start e-filing!
  • Enter certain non-preparer fees on the Price Sheet in TaxWise using Tax Form Defaults.
  • Comply with training, due diligence and other requirements of your bank.
  • Download bank software (available in December on the Solution Center Download page).
  • Order checks from your bank if you will print checks for clients.
  • Familiarize yourself and staff with the check printing process.
Download State Modules (Desktop Only)

TaxWise Desktop customers must configure and download state modules. TaxWise Online performs these updates automatically so your tax software is ready to work when you are!

  • Add states to your tax package on the Solution Center
  • Download state modules from the Solution Center

Additional Resources

  • TaxWise Program Help (access from Help Menu) — Getting State/Bank Software and Program Updates
  • TaxWise 2017 User Guide (access from Toolbar) — Program Updates and Module Updates
Install and Activate TaxWise and other software before the end of the year
  • Click here to access the online Quick Start Guide
  • Install your programs when your shipment arrives. Follow the instructions that fit your office setup on the System Requirements.
    • In lieu of this year's limited DVD shipment, your installation is available via the TaxWise Solution Center. If you received a DVD, you can use it to install your program as well.
      • Log in to the Solution Center, click the Download tab on the Solution Center.
      • From the Product Updates page, click TaxWise Software on the left of the page.
      • Click the link under Current Year Software to begin the download.
Log in to TaxWise Online

If your package includes TaxWise Online, use your Client ID and Registration Code found on the enclosed Fulfillment Confirmation Slip to log in to the TaxWise Online websites listed below.

Additional Resources

Set Up Your TaxWise System for Tax Season

TaxWise Setup Assistant

For 2017, the TaxWise Setup Assistant is smarter, helping you quickly setup for tax season. After you install and open TaxWise, the new Setup Assistant will open to walk you through the following:

  • Register software
  • Configure settings
  • Set up office information
  • Set up users and groups (do this while logged in to TaxWise as Admin)
  • Set up printers and your network
  • Set up general options
  • Carry forward returns and other data

Set Tax Form Defaults

  • Edit Tax Form Defaults (do this while logged in to TaxWise as Admin). This means adding information to forms that you want to appear in every return, for example:
    • Fees on the Price Sheet
    • EFIN and ERO information on Form 8879
    • Preparer PIN on Main Info, and more
  • Modify client letters if needed. Add a letter to Tax Form Defaults if you want it to print with every return.

NOTE: You must set Tax Form Defaults in each federal module you will use.

Additional Resources

  • TaxWise Program Help (access from Help Menu) — Tax Form Defaults; Working with Client Letters
  • TaxWise 2017 User Guide (access from Toolbar) — Tax Form Defaults; Working with Client Letters

Set Print Defaults

Modify Print Packets to fit your practice, if needed.

Additional Resources

  • TaxWise Program Help (access from Help Menu) — Print Defaults
  • TaxWise 2017 User Guide (access from Toolbar) — Print Defaults
Order Office Supplies
Stay Informed During Tax Season
  • Subscribe to IRS Quick Alerts, e-News for Tax Professionals and more
  • Visit the IRS Return Preparer Office Facebook page
  • Download the TaxWise Companion mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows 8
  • Join the TaxWise Community Discussion Board on the Solution Center
  • Read the TaxWise Blog; access from within TaxWise
  • Find answers in the Knowledge Library
  • Read the TaxWise Online Blog; access from within TaxWise Online

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Review Support Resources
Setup and Install Integrated Products

Click here to setup any integrated products you may have purchased this year including:

  • Client Accounting Suite
  • PaperlessPLUS
  • CCH® AnswerConnect

Training Webinars

Webinars offer training for you and your staff from the comfort of your home or office, requiring only internet access. These convenient sessions cover a wide variety of topics to help you get the most from your tax software and prepare for tax season. Simply register online or contact your Software Consultant.

The webinar schedule is updated throughout the year, so visit our registration website at for the latest offerings.
Product training does not qualify for CPE credit.

New Users

New User Orientation

Our knowledgeable Orientation Team gets you started on the road to software expertise with two, one-hour Orientation webinars that introduce you to your tax software and the many tools and resources available to you. Each webinar concludes with a question-and-answer period.
Product training does not qualify for CPE credit.

Orientation webinars are included with many tax software packages. When you purchase one of these packages, the Orientation Team contacts you to schedule your webinars.

Once you complete orientation, you can sign up for additional courses to further your understanding of the program and the benefits for your company. Click here for Quick Start course descriptions and more details.

Tax Season Essentials

Make getting ready for tax season a snap with Tax Season Essentials! Designed as an interactive guide, Tax Season Essentials includes important news, tips, and resources to help improve your business while making tax season as smooth as possible.

Education Libraries

The Education Video Library features short instructional videos designed to help you work with your tax software. Each video guides you step-by-step through important program features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the format of training?

The training format depends on the type of event for which you register. We offer several types of events, including webinars, online self-study, and seminars. For additional information on each type of program, see the sections above.

How can I see if a date or venue is still available?

Access the Training Registration tool here and search for the event to view open seat availability.

How can I see the schedule of events?

Some event types found on this page may have schedules linked from their section. You can also see a schedule of events by accessing the Training Registration tool and searching for the type of event you would like to participate in. You will see a list of all events for the year.

What do I need to do to prepare for my training?

In most cases, there is very little that you need to do in order to prepare for training. On each course description within the Training Registration tool, you can find the Advanced Preparation section which will tell you everything you need to do to prepare for the class.