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Easy Setup

As the leading tax software on the market, CCH ProSystem fx Tax is designed to make your workday easier. Here's everything you need to know to get your software up and running.

System Requirements
Before you begin installation, please review the System Requirements.

Save Time with a Single Sign On (SSO)
Save Time with a Single Sign On (SSO) Creating a Single Sign On (SSO) allows you to link the CCH ProSystem fx Tax User ID to the SSO staff ID, eliminating the need to enter login information to access the Electronic Filing Status system. This will also allow you to download the permission key online, which is necessary for initial installation and future updates. For assistance with setting up your SSO and establishing your password, please contact CCH ProSystem fx System Support at 800-739-9998, option 1, then option 2.

Quick Start Installation
Please refer to the Welcome Brochure.

Converting Your Client Data
If you have tax return files from another software vendor that you’d like to convert to CCH ProSystem fx , Wolters Kluwer offers free conversion software for most major tax software packages. It’s as easy as backing up your tax data files and sending them in for conversion. Get started by contacting Conversion Support at 800-739-9998, option 3, then option 4.

Professional and Client Services – Training and Consulting

Training for Success

Wolters Kluwer wants to ensure you have a successful and positive experience with CCH ProSystem fx Tax, and product training — especially for new customers — is an important component of that success.

To get you started with CCH ProSystem fx Tax, we recommend that you begin with the Administrator and Introductory training courses. In addition, we offer a multitude of CCH ProSystem fx Tax courses, all designed to help you use the software efficiently and effectively.

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Customer Support

Your Support Options
At Wolters Kluwer we’re dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your CCH ProSystem fx software and services. Our experienced support professionals strive to minimize response time so that you remain as productive as possible, and we continue to develop new tools to facilitate a quick and accurate resolution to any situation that may arise.

Knowledge Base
Available 24/7 at Support.CCH.com/Answers, Knowledge Base has over 20,000 articles with information regarding all CCH ProSystem fx products. Simply type in your question and click Search to reveal a wealth of information related to your query. You can view results by topic or sort by relevancy. Knowledge Base Online Tutorial: View an online presentation on how to use our Knowledge Base at Support.CCH.com.

Web Ticketing
Web Ticketing, available 24/7, 365 days a year, allows you to create your own support ticket and view any support tickets that you have previously created. When you create a Web ticket it will be sent to the appropriate support department. A representative will then contact you via email or phone, depending on which method you prefer, during regular business hours. You can include up to nine attachments with a Web ticket. Web Ticketing is available to all customers

Online Chat Support
The same helpful support representatives you speak to on the phone can be reached using online chat at Support.CCH.com/Chat, or by clicking the Contact Us tab on Support.CCH.com. To use online chat support, simply type in your question and select “Chat Now.” You will be prompted to select the product for which you need support and to enter your name and account number. Chat is open Monday–Friday, from 7:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Central Time. Online Chat Support Tutorial: View an online presentation on how to use Chat at Support.CCH.com.

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