Streamline digital file sharing and securely store confidential files.

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Streamline digital file sharing and securely store confidential files.

Digital Document Management

Electronically store sensitive client documents for easy access, without compromising security. When used with iFirm Client Portal, you will save time, reduce costs and improve your clients’ experience sending and receiving files.

Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly store tax returns from ATX or TaxWise along with emails, letters, reports, PDFs, images, photos, and any scanned documents.
  • Electronically sign any stored PDF with an approved signature pad.
  • Remain organized throughout the year by managing clients with a customizable folder structure. Take organization a step further by creating custom labels to classify clients by type or stage.
  • Safeguard client data with an encrypted file system. Provide additional security by locking sensitive files and folders, scheduling automated backups, assigning user rights and privileges, or reviewing the audit trail.

Upgrade to CCH iFirm Client Portal

Looking for more powerful document management and file exchange? Now integrated with ATX and TaxWise, CCH iFirm Client Portal is a smarter way to share documents with your clients.

Features & Benefits:

  • Securely share documents with clients.
  • Quickly see when documents were uploaded, downloaded and by whom for a transparent audit trail.
  • Eliminate unsecure emails and reduce print costs.
  • Base package includes 1 user, unlimited client portals and 5GB storage