We are your Tax Partner

Are you currently preparing tax returns in-house? Let our team of experienced professionals prepare and file your tax returns, including 1099's. Our years of experience with many large banks and national tax preparers provide the background and expertise your clients need to get complete, correct and timely tax reporting.

Are you already using another third party to prepare and file your returns? Talk to some of our current customers and they will tell you about the ease of working with the Trust US team. We know that every one of our clients is unique and we will consult with you directly to design a process and scope that meets your needs.

We work with you to review the data, provide direction on the tax treatment of certain types of transactions, applying required factors; and work together to create a delivery schedule that meets both your needs and those of your customers. We can even mail the returns from our secured, fulfillment facility in Kennesaw, Georgia.

In addition – the Trust Compliance team will:

  • Provide education about reporting trends and changing regulation
  • Suggest updates to how transactions are posted on your source system
  • Review data gaps and identify potential areas of risk, including missing cost basis or wash sales
  • Help you clean up beneficiary records and other account data
  • Complete all electronic filing requirements
  • Run custom reports

Our processes are designed to give you the information you need at your fingertips, and the peace of mind knowing that you can focus on delivering value to your customers without having to worry about the rapidly changing regulatory landscape of tax reporting.

Have a question? We encourage you to ask.