Trust US is the right tool for your in house tax preparation team. We know how important it is to support your team with software that helps improve their efficiency while at the same time providing a full range of fiduciary forms covering both federal and state requirements.

Our web based software solution is easy to use and navigate and provides a depth of detail and reporting capabilities to help you review your client's data and create and file tax returns quickly and easily. Used to file over 85,000 returns last year, Trust US gives you the speed and accuracy you need, combined with the ability to provide personal attention to a single document for any customer if needed.

  • Easy to navigate screens including Split screen views, customizable grids and displays, batch processing options.
  • Our unique "Check-Out" feature allows you to edit and process any individual return.
  • Out batch processing menus allow you to quickly and easily process, update and file large numbers of returns art a single time.
  • Our custom reports can be run on any field and can be designed, implemented and shared with a few key strokes – and every one of them can be exported to excel

And our expert Client service team is here to help you answer your questions every step of tax season; from importing your data to return creation to electronic filing

In addition – we offer robust import functionality that allow you to supplement your Trust Accounting data whenever you need to.