CCH Connections: User Conference 2019

October 23-26, 2019 | Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center

Accounting & Audit

A&A-Accounting and Attestation Standards Update and Practical Considerations
A&A-CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Best Practices Discussion Pod
A&A-CCH® ProSystem fx® Engagement Beyond the Basics
A&A-CCH® ProSystem fx® Knowledge Coach Best Practices Discussion Pod
A&A-Elevate Your Audits with Data Analytics
A&A-FASB Lease Accounting Changes and Their Impact
A&A-Financial Instruments-What CPAs Need to Know
A&A-Revenue Recognition for Contracts with Customers Lessons Learned from the First Wave
A&A-Revenue Recognition GAAP Gauntlet-Implementation Considerations
A&A-Tips for Transforming Your Audit Practice
A&A-What's New and What's Coming with Wolters Kluwer A&A Solutions

CCH Axcess™

CCHAX-Achieving Maximum Impact Using CCH Axcess™ Practice
Beginning Your CCH Axcess™ Journey: Hindsight From Successful Firms (Materials not Available)
CCHAX-CCH Axcess™ Document Best Practices Discussion Pod
CCHAX-CCH Axcess™ Practice Best Practices Discussion Pod
CCHAX-CCH Axcess™ Tax Best Practices Discussion Pod
CCHAX-CCH Axcess™ Workstream Best Practices Discussion Pod
CCHAX-Impactful Project Tracking with CCH Axcess™ Workstream
CCHAX-Integrated Workflow with CCH Axcess™
CCHAX-Learn Before You Leap: Introduction to CCH Axcess™ Tax
CCHAX-Leveraging Support Tools in CCH Axcess™ Tax
CCHAX-Optimize Your Client Collaboration with CCH Axcess™ Document and Integrated CCH Axcess™ Portal
CCHAX-Taking Your Letters to the Next Level with CCH Axcess™ Tax Correspondence Manager
CCHAX-What’s New with CCH Axcess™-COMING SOON!


MGMT-CCH® iFirm Suite - Tips & Tricks for Canadian and US Small Firm Users
MGMT-CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management Best Practices Discussion Pod
MGMT-Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Leaders Discussion Pod-Small and Medium Firms Version
MGMT-Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Leaders Discussion Pod-Large and Large Multi-Office Firms Version
MGMT-EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System
MGMT-Firm Management with CCH® eSign
MGMT-Firm Management-Metrics and Key Performance Indicators Discussion Pod
MGMT-Gain Control of your Workday Increased Productivity Through Time Management
MGMT-How to Drive a Consultative Mindset Using Behavioral Economics
MGMT-How to Innovate When Your Boss Says No
MGMT-Improving Your Digital Marketing Through Targeted Campaigns
MGMT-Leverage CCH® ProSystem fx® Outsource or CCH Axcess™ Outsource to Expand Your Business
MGMT-Maximize Efficiencies with CCH® ProSystem fx® Practice Management
MGMT-Modernize Your Practice and Win More Clients with Online Payments
MGMT-Passing the Merger Readiness Test
MGMT-Positioning Yourself to be a Partner-YOUR WAY!
MGMT-Small Firm, Big Success-Redefining Today's Small Firm Discussion Pod
MGMT-The Future-Ready Firm and the Role of Innovation-COMING SOON!
MGMT-The Gig Economy...Say What
MGMT-Thinking Outside of the Box Implementing Dynamic Change to Achieve Firm Growth
MGMT-Transitioning Leadership Responsibilities Effectively from One Generation to Another
MGMT-Understanding Change Management Implementing New Technologies and Processes Effectively


TAX-2018 Tax Law Update-Changes and Opportunities for Individual Clients
TAX-CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan with AutoFlow Technology Best Practices Discussion Pod
TAX-CCH® ProSystem fx® Scan with AutoFlow Technology-Redefining Your Paperless Process
TAX-CCH® ProSystem fx® Tax Best Practices Discussion Pod
TAX-Cross Border U.S. and Canadian Tax-Simplified (for U.S. and Canada attendees)-COMING SOON!
TAX-Demystifying the Complex 1040 Strategies for Success
TAX-Dissecting Section 199A
TAX-Effective Planning with CCH® ProSystem fx® Planning
TAX-Navigating New Tax Rules-CCPCs and Their Shareholders (Canada)
TAX-Offers-in-Compromise-Resolving Tax Debts Like a Pro
TAX-Real Estate Exchanges Survived Tax Reform! Now Learn How to Navigate Typical Exchange Traps
TAX-Taking Your Use of Adobe® Acrobat® to the Next Level
TAX-Tax Planning and Compliance for Foreign-Owned U.S. Businesses
TAX-Tax Reform's Impact on IRS Form 3115 Application for Change in Accounting Method
TAX-Taxprep® Software (Canada)-Beyond the Basics
TAX-Taxprep® Software (Canada)-What's New
TAX-Technology and Tax Research: Now, New, Next... Discussion Pod-COMING SOON!
TAX-The Integration of Tax Research into Your Workflow (Materials not Available)
TAX-The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What the Future May Hold for Businesses-COMING SOON!
TAX-Unraveling the Complexities of Federal Tax Consolidations
TAX-What's New: Tax Software Update Preview-COMING SOON!
TAX-You had me at Cloud CCH® iFirm Tax (Canada)


TECH-A Brief History of Data: How We Got Here...What Do We Do Now?-COMING SOON!
TECH-Becoming a Cherished Advisor: Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to Create Human Connections!
TECH-Best Practices for Building a Remote Team
TECH-Blockchain: Is it Ready for Public Accounting?-COMING SOON!
TECH-Catch the Technology Wave Emerging Technologies that Improve Productivity
TECH-Managing Technical and Cultural Storms in the Cloud
TECH-Modern Security Trends in Accounting Discussion Pod
TECH-R2: Rise of the Robo-Accountants-COMING SOON!
TECH-Technology Transformation: Understanding the Impact of Technology on Today's CPA
TECH-The Fundamentals of Business Information
TECH-Virtual Office Technology Best Practices Discussion Pod