ATX & TaxWise® Data Conversions

When you choose ATX or TaxWise as your tax preparation software, it's easy to convert your existing returns. Your purchase of a Wolters Kluwer professional tax software comes with the conversion tools needed to ensure your smooth transition over to our more robust tax solutions. Read on to learn more about the tools and services that you have available to you as a valued customer, try ATX and TaxWise for FREE, and get in touch with a specialist to discuss your options today!

Conversion Tools Are Available for Most Tax Software Products

Product Individual Business
Crosslink (TaxWise Only)  
ProSystems fx
TaxSlayer Classic (TaxWise Only)  

*NOTE: Conversions from ProSeries Basic and ProConnect to ATX must be handled by our in-house services team. Currently, conversion from ProSeries Basic to TaxWise are not offered. Please call 866-345-4172 for additional details.

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CCH Axcess™ & CCH® ProSystem fx® Conversions

For information about conversions for CCH Axcess and CCH ProSystem fx, visit

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The Data Conversion Process

When you choose a premium tax preparation software package or purchase data conversion services with your tax package, you will be partnered with a dedicated team that will help to ensure that your conversion is handled quickly and efficiently.

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Our team imports and converts your data

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