Integrated Audit Approach

Improve quality and efficiency when you move your audit workflow to the cloud with Wolters Kluwer's indispensable platform of integrated audit solutions.

Embrace your firm's success by elevating & transforming your audits.

At Wolters Kluwer, our audit strategy goal is twofold. Enable firms to elevate how to perform audits, and transform services offered. We proudly partner with our profession globally, providing a platform that transforms the status quo. Audit quality is foundational to this strategy – with a focus on risk assessment and documentation. Wolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach allows you to succeed today, and be ready for the future in the following key areas:

Higher Quality Audits

Provide higher quality audits by improving audit preparation and execution through dynamic processes that drive efficiency, quality, and client understanding, while simultaneously eliminating over-under auditing.

Data Driven Audits

Effortlessly incorporate analytics in the audit, while simultaneously improving your client experience by providing access to the data with ease.

AICPA Standards

Gain peace of mind knowing your firm embraces the future of audits, with solutions that adhere to AICPA standards and help firms become more competitive and profitable.

No More Risky Business

A recent survey of peer reviewers found over half of 400 audits they reviewed didn’t comply with the risk assessment standards. In this white paper, learn how to mitigate risk with remedies for the fundamental flaws in audit processes. Download ‘Spotlight on Risk Assessment’ today!
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An Award-Winning Combination

Quickly deliver needed information to maintain compliance in the face of constantly changing rules and regulations. This powerful research tool provides results with meaningful context, as well as interpretive guidance linked with authoritative content — so you can simplify your research without sacrificing the complete expert perspective.
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Save as much as 40-48 hours per engagement, depending on the size of your audit, with data extraction and analysis tools that automatically capture client data and standardize workpaper format on day one of the audit.
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The first cloud-based innovative and intuitive offering integrated with the award winning CCH Axcess platform for preparing tax balances for business tax returns. Drive immediate efficiencies by working on your terms, with the industry's market leading modular cloud-based tax preparation, compliance, and workflow solution.
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A cloud-based solution where all of your audit practice aids for planning, risk assessment, review and team collaboration happens. Avoid wasted time, ensure compliance with auditing standards and produce higher-quality audits using the latest module of the award-winning CCH Axcess platform.
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Gain efficiency through automation with the only integrated solution on the market that will drive improved audit, and tax, quality. Engagement provides a true end to end workflow for financial statement preparation and simplifies collaboration, in the office and in the field with tools like the cloud based Prepared by Client (PBC) list.
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Move quickly and effectively through the audit planning process with this award-winning, peer-reviewed digital audit management solution. Easily tie risks to audit procedures, save time with roll forward and automated updating, and employ dynamic, interactive audit diagnostics.
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Incorporate powerful data analytics into your audit workflow with pre-packaged modules that enable you to standardize tests for your firm. Provide all of your auditors with an easy to use analytics tool that includes a library of over 200 tests with guidance.
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In Progress

Integrated audit workflow solutions in the cloud. Modules include CCH Axcess Financial Prep, CCH Axcess Knowledge Coach and CCH Axcess Engagement. Get involved with the development of these solutions by participating in our Validation Program.
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Wolters Kluwer's Integrated Audit Approach provides an effective, new perspective on auditing.

"The Integrated Audit Approach requires you to follow the standards, so you're not over-auditing. You are actually doing your audit based on the risk, not checklists, and everything is clearly documented. In addition to better audits, it makes the job easier for our auditors and makes the peer review process easier, too."

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Discover the perfect technology for firms conducting preps, comps, reviews, less complex audits or full audits. Today, tomorrow, and in the future — your transformation is not at risk when you partner with Wolters Kluwer.