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Each month we bring you the news and trends in the audit world from thought leaders and visionaries in the profession. From managing risk to keeping up with ever changing accounting standards, our insightful podcasts provide you actionable information that elevates and transforms your audit practice.

Recent Episodes

Audit Talks

Talent Reboot with Jim Boomer

Listen to insights from our industry experts on what kind of 'talent reboot' will help your firm meet top challenges and improve your client relationships.

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Audit Talks

Refresh Your Knowledge: New Auditor Reporting Standard

Listen to a review from industry experts of SAS 134: Auditor Reporting and Amendments. The most significant portions of the recently issued standards will be covered.

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Audit Talks

Update of the EAQ Initiative and Peer Review with Carl Mayes and Matthew Reiter

Listen and learn what the AICPA Enhancing Audit Quality (EAQ) Initiative uncovered about the most pervasive issues when it comes to risks of material misstatement and how to avoid them in your practice.

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